John Credland | Canon G7X ten minute test 300914
Created 30-Sep-14
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Bought another camera. Following on the heels of the Casio ZR1200 Canon announce at PhotoKina that they have a contender with a 1-inch sensor and other gubbins:

Anyway, not wishing to pay the full or street price, I ordered from DigitalRev in Hong Kong on Sunday night, 28th September. I had the usual confirmations from PayPal and the firm. Then an email to say despatch was imminent and this morning about 8am a text to say it was despatched. Arrived later this morning before noon. That's just 36 hours from order to delivery. The customs slip suggests its value is just £38 so no duty to pay and it appears to come from an individual rather than the firm. The HK people are helping us photographers at every turn!
Charged the battery - nipped outside after work and tried out the in-camera HDR and one or two other tricks. Will get to know it better over the weekend and please let me know when someone has bootlegged the design of the NB13-L battery as I cannot find a spare for less than £60 at the moment- ooo-er!

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