John Credland | Casio in Covent Garden 060314
Created 12-Mar-14
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A trip to see the David Bailey Stardust exhibition in the NPG resulted in an after-lunch trip to the Covent Garden area for a picture-hunt. Full of French school trips and people eating exciting food I found myself drawn yet again to the built-in HDR ex2 setting of the Casio. I feel I have to get through this phase to get out the other side and put it away for proper photography and yet it's so much fun!

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And who says this isn't "proper photography"? Just because it's "only"question of composing the shot and pressing the button doesn't mean it isn't art - since art is simply our response to our surroundings. Added to which compositions like this don't happen at random, so give yourself a break and just enjoy the trip. Here endeth the lesson!
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